The Raven Keep Campaign

The Pirates of Tsurlagol (Finale)

In the small village atop the beach where the battle raged, three adventurers steeled themselves for the battle that was drawing ever closer. Cain Blackstone, the halfing evoker chanted and waved his arms, coating the trail leading up to the town, hoping against hope to slow the overwhelming number of pirates who were closing in on the fishermen, sailmakers, bakers and stevedores who populated the island community.

Thaedous Nightbreeze stood at the opposite edge of the village, his bowstring humming as he loosed one arrow after another into the advanced throng. His wolf Shadowfang paced back and forth, eager for a chance to please his master.

Meanwhile, Luican tried to organze his mob of civilians, many of whom had never fired a bow at a living target in anger into a cohesive unit. Many of the men and women were terrified, unsure of what they could do against so many invaders. Their only hope lay in the improvised bobby trap the three adventurers had cobbled together from an overturned wagon they had pushed down the trail.

Raven, Kuna, Morn and Chronosaj fought their way across the beach toward the village. Brutal, no hold’s barred violence reigned. One pirate after another fell to the blows of Raven’s sword and Kuna’s hammer.

Chronosaj’s rifle barked repeatedly at the small figure he’d spied at the head of the closest group of pirates. Unexpectedly, the figure turned and began firing back at him. First two pistols from holsters on his hips, then two more drawn from hidden recesses inside his sleeves and then a short carbine. The smell of sulphur soon joined the iron tang of blood on the sand. Chronosaj was hit several times but his reinforced armor held against the assault, preserving his life at the cost of deep bruises and possibly cracked ribs.

Several of the pirates finally reached the trail. Their leader, a bear of a man with a hook replacing one hand and a pegleg replacing one of his feet, latched onto the wagon with his hook and heaved the wagon over and out of the way. The trap’s tripwire was released and a springboard with nails driven through it uncoiled. The pirate ducked the trap but failed to get out of the way of the barrel of lamp oil that overturned onto a torch left burning nearby.

The entire trail was engulfed in flames.

The peg-legged pirate strode through the flames completely without concern, reaching the top where he found Cain staring in wide-eyed amazement. The tiny wizard unleashed a lightning bolt at the pirate who took the blast in stride before being rushed by the wolf Shadowfang. Moments later, Luican and Thaedous joined the chaotic melee which resulted in Cain being grabbed with the hook and tossed into the fire (which he promptly leapt out of) and Shadowfang being hurled from the top of the ridge to the beach below. Luican and the pirate squared off, the pirate’s cutlass and the elf’s two-bladed sword exchanging blows with a near constant ringing.

The fight on the beach quickly turned into a rout and the pirates began surrendering en masse, no longer wanting to face the seasoned adventurers in battle. Morn unleashed the dragon Alhazmabad, allowing the mighty beast to once again possess his body and teleported with Kuna to the pirate ship at the far end of the beach.

The buccanners were fleeing from the town, not wanting to face the endless volleys of arrows, the halfling’s battle magic or get trapped between the town and the rapidly closing adventurers. Alhazmabad looked down at the group and began to conjure. Thick black, oily tentacles erupted from the sand, encoiling and crushing pirates, tearing them limb from limb without mercy.

Atop the hill, Cain rolled away from the flames and hurled a handful of brightly colored sand at the seemingly tireless pirate. The sand flashed into a burst of brilliant color, stunning the pirate with its intensity. Thaedous leapt high and drove his sword deep into the pirate’s back while Lucian began to twirl and spin, slicing the pirate’s chest and arms to ribbons.

And just like that, the battle had ended. Sure, there were prisoners to gather and the bodies of the slain had to be plundered for loot but the fighting itself was over. The captives were loaded into the hold of one of the least damaged pirate ships which set sail shortly afterwards and arrived in Tsuragol a mere two days later.

In a ceremony held atop the steps of the Battering Wave, Tsurlagol’s temple to Umberlee, Raven, Kuna, Lucian, Morn, Chronosaj, Cain and Theadous were rewarded with the title “Honored Defender of Tsuragol”, which conferred upon them many benefits for as long as they resided within the city.

- End -



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