The Raven Keep Campaign

The Church of Shar

Upon his arrival in the city of Tsuragol, Raven and his adventuring compaion Alisandra Blueleaf had been accosted by a group of thieves. The adventurers defended themselves and soon all of the slain thieves’ bodies lay cooling in the alley. An unseen spellcaster had tried to cover the overwhelmed thieves’ escape with a spell of darkness but Raven’s sword Nightwatcher flared to life and absorbed the spell just as quickly as it had been cast.

The spellcaster retreated into the night and was soon forgotten. However, unbeknowst to the adventurers, she fled to a secret location in the city and reported the what had happened to her superiors in the church of Shar. Incensed that a weapon crafted specifically to counter darkness was loose in the city, the high priestess declared a crusade. The weapon was to be found and stolen for sacrifice to the unforgiving deity.

Then pirates attacked the city. The search for the weapon was delayed for nearly a tenday when the thieves’ guild acted to defend their territory and Raven joined the posse that left in pursuit of the fleeing buccaneers.

After returning from thier adventure on the Sea of Fallen Stars, several of the adventurers (Raven, Morn, Thaedous and Lucian) took rooms at a nearby inn while the other adventurers remained aboard the ship to protect the loot while a buyer could be found.

The guild had agents all along the waterfront, watching the shis as they returned and followed the adventurers to the inn and waited for nightfall. Two full squads of the guild thieves stole quietly onto the balcony outside of the adventurers’ rooms. After several minutes of quiet observation to ensure the adventurers had turned in for the night, the thieves made their move. One rogue pulled forth her tools and begin carefully picking the lock on the door leading from the balcony into the room.

Raven had not yet fallen asleep and heard the clicking of the tumblers inside the lock. He lifted Nightwatcher and drew it from its sheath and padded silently across the room. Standing behind the door he measured a hand-span to the left of the handle and drove the adamantite blade through the wood and into the thief on the other side. There was a surprised yelp as the sword pierced bone and brain. He withdrew the sword and heard a thump as the body slumped onto the wooden balcony.

Drawing open the door, Raven strode forward with both blades in hand and battle erupted on the cramped balcony. The situation quickly turned bad for the thieves as the fighting awoke the other adventurers and before long the bodies of thieves were falling from the narrow walkway like rain in the thunderstorm. The clerics who had come along to provide magical support to theives proved nearly useless as they too were cut down with ruthless efficiency. Only the cleric on the rooftop across the alleyway survived the initial rush.

She turned to flee and was pursued by the adventurers as they jumped the alley and took up the chase. Quickly wounded and captured, the priestess revealed the location of her guild’s hidden location with some “gentle persuasion” from Lucian and Thadeous.

She led the group across town to an inn named “The Night’s Respite” and everyone proceeded inside. A trapdoor in the bartender’s walk led down to a root cellar. The priestess lunged forward crying out to her goddess and struck an invisible glyph on the secret door leading into the guild proper. The glyph ignited blasting everyone in the room with arcane energy (and alerted the guards posted inside). The guards began firing arrows at the party through the carefully concealed arrow slits. Raven’s sword once again proved useful as he slashed the secret door from its hinges.

The thieves inside fought with the fervor of fanatics but were quickly overcome by the seasoned warriors. The party descended deeper and deeper into the earth passing through training areas and armories. They faced no opposition.

Finally the four adventurers reached the heart of the thieves’ complex. A dark chapel dedicated to the goddess of secrets and shadows. All of the guild’s remaining thieves and priests had fallen back, retreating to the inner sanctum to wait for the adventurers’ arrival. As the party strode in, ready to fight a wave of depression and hopelessness swept over them, sapping their will and weakening their resolve. The thieves, crouching behind pews opened fire with crossbows and the clerics conjuring bolstered the thieves.

Raven, Morn and the others overcome the spell protecting the chapel and began to fight in earnest. The close confines worked to the thieves’ disadvantage as little room was available to bring their greater numbers to bear. The adventurers quickly entered close combat to prevent the clerics from targeting them with spells that would hit the thieves the adventurers fought.

After a brutal battle, the high priestess was slain as were her two lieutenants. The bodies of slain theives and dark clerics littered the chapel. The battle over, the party looted the bodies of their defeated foes and returned to the surface to summon the city watch to clean out the remainder of the guild’s hidden stronghold.



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